Conference Information

About AVBio Conference

The International conference on Agriculture, Veterinary and Biological Sciences will be held at Singapore during 24-26, Jun 2019.

It is an excellent International forum for the presentation of Modern technological advances and research results in the fields of Agriculture, Veterinary and Biological Sciences. The conference has brought together scientists, academicians, scholars, researchers and students working in the areas of Agriculture, Veterinary and Biological sciences from different parts of the world. This conference intends to present recent advances of state and art knowledge in Agriculture, Veterinary and Biological Sciences and focus on recent advances and research activities in the field .It also to generate a lively discussion and interaction across disciplinary institutional borders. This conference provides an opportunity for a worldwide gathering of scientists, researchers and educators who come from different professional perspectives, sharing common interests to explore and become familiar with the development in these fields.

Thus, the conference provides a platform for eminent scientists and specialist to highlight their recent work, discuss the current issues, exchange new ideas, technical knowledge and application experiences face to face, to establish research, academics and business to find global partners for future collaboration. Based on the deliberations of the proposed conference, future research strategies and recommendations based on available knowledge will be developed to address the emerging matrix of the agriculture and veterinary problems in a holistic manner.